We Do A Little

Mae - Living in Australia, creating + selling 3D assets in the Sims, and crushing the monthly edition game

October 15, 2023 Deeze & Andy
We Do A Little
Mae - Living in Australia, creating + selling 3D assets in the Sims, and crushing the monthly edition game
Show Notes

In our 9th episode of Season 3, we are joined by serene and celestial Mae aka Eniosta. Mae is a 3D landscape artist from the east coast of Australia. Her work depicts surreal, peaceful, calm landscapes that cannot exist on earth. 

We dive into Mae’s background as a virtual asset creator in the Sims, the pros and cons of working a day job while creating art, comparing and contrasting the US and Australia, the importance of affordable editions and so much more.

Season 3 Based Edition Mint Link - https://zora.co/collect/base:0xa2aabc3c9d2580474e7bd1ee57a2f0fa2d6d7087 

All Season 3 details - https://mirror.xyz/wedoalittle.eth/JvijmDLZSBeY_BYQC-vz63O_bVOu9ksaJaNWb4Azftg 

0:00 Intro
2:16 How have you been enjoying America? (As an Australian) 
19:35 Australia tips and tricks 
26:00 Flying in Australia
31:20 Where did you grow up and how did you know you were an artist? 
39:35 The Sims
40:15 Working in IT
46:25 Why did you shift to a monthly edition over 1/1s?
1:18:54 Balancing degenerate trading with creating 
1:26:50 The difference between collecting in 2023 and 2021 (clip?)
1:32:01 How did you find yourself buying crypto in 2016?
1:43:00 What would the title of your autobiography be?

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